Losing 16 somethings isn’t always a bad thing – I’ve also lost about 16 sizes over the course of my career, being now a slim and healthy size 2 – but losing 16 years of your career is not an easy thing to overcome.

Just as I’ve struggled to keep myself closer to a size 4, I’ve also struggled to rebuild something that cannot be reproduced. Most of my clients were under a nondisclosure agreement, so I could only prove I did it with my white-label originals. Now they’re gone. All gone.

I kept it all backed up in quadruplet over an online storage server, my web server, DVD and on an external drive, aside from the unzipped copy I kept on my desktop. When the website I grew from 2,000 unique hits on opening day to a PR5 became a target for hackers, I started backing that up the same way. Little did I realize they would steal my domain just before every single one of those backups became unreadable.

Now I’m wishing I did one simple thing – and printed it.

The good news is that means you’re getting my best work in an effort to rebuild this portfolio, not that you wouldn’t get it in the first place but you’re guaranteed an extra droplet of sweat or two at least.

So, welcome to my new home. Do enjoy your stay, and check out my clips for a writer with a knack for making conversation happen, and Spreading Thought.

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