Way back sometime in the early 2000’s, I got it in my head I needed to get what I see happening in marketing out of my head. It’s a busy place, and these were rather unsavory truths. So, I started a blog.

Like, have you ever had the feeling you “just don’t care” about your money at a public event or say, casino? This isn’t by accident and I’ve never liked a bit of it, but that’s exactly why I started ComHacker.org – to make marketing tactics wholly transparent by teaching media literacy to everyone, especially the least privileged. The “consumer.”

This didn’t work out well for a variety of reasons, and I know I shouldn’t want it back – but I miss my old blog. And you’ll soon be seeing more of that here with the rest of my portfolio reconstruction going swimmingly well.

People Watcher by Necessity

Here comes the big confession – I’m autistic. Thankfully high-functioning, but this still comes with the social awkwardness. Nevertheless, most people are very surprised to learn this fact until I run into something I haven’t encountered before in any variation – then, it’s about as obvious as a dancing house.

The good news comes if you ask anyone who’s seen me dance. Though, I’m not so sure I’d like to attempt it wearing a house…

I’m only so well-adapted because I spend much of my life watching people and trying to figure out why they do what they do, with a particular penchant for traditional science. And that’s exactly how I ended up contracting with Ogilvy at 12 years old, after already picking up web design to a professional caliber and reading the entire dictionary several times.

You might think that’s unrelated until you see the library I skipped school to frequent. I swear it was the biggest dictionary in the world – several thousand pages long on paper finer than a Bible, print just as small – and it stood on the third floor balcony, overlooking every major footpath and congregational area inside the library.

Probably says a lot that it was my favorite place despite the lack of a chair. Anywho…

IQ vs EQ

In the end, I’m some kind of poster child for the whole “raw intelligence” side of the debate. But I’m just one small part of the walking army of proof humanity can achieve anything if it focuses strengths on achieving a specific and sound goal.

If you want to say I’m no master of “emotional intelligence” because I can’t manipulate people in certain situations, I think first you have to ask if I want to manipulate others.

This isn’t something I’ve learned to do because this is something I’ve learned in order to expose – because human meddling has yet to turn out well. And it tends to not turn out well most especially when it isn’t scientifically-based, and I see no autocratic or technocratic basis to our societies (note I didn’t say governments). Just superstitious repetition called “tradition” and “heritage.”

Not to knock these values just for the sake of knocking them, mind you. I am myself very closely tied to dense heritage being half Hawaiian with royal lineage, a quarter English and a quarter Irish – both European families being Virginia’s First Families. And yet my family is the picture-perfect definition of these values meaning nothing in the face of modern society.

Which is to say – all of my research indicates everything in our world today exists to break humanity, and our inherited values and systems are not enough to combat it. Blindly following anything, even and especially what is predefined as “good for you”, is the mark of the beast – and it will be every fool’s undoing.

Or did the buffalo not jump one after the other right off the cliff, just because the one before them did too?

My Aims with Spreading Thought

I don’t wish to turn the herd around though. The herd can only turn itself, and only a fool would stand in the way of a herd so large. Nay, I’m more like the jaguar at the back; picking off the stragglers and adopting them to preserve the next generation.

If the herd turns because of it, all the better – but I like to focus on what’s most probable first, and then work my way into the domain of what’s possible by doing what’s probable to my absolute best ability.

That’s why I’m Spreading Thought. Because if we don’t think, nothing is probable – but when we do, anything is possible.

With that said, a little warning if you intend on visiting this blog with any frequency:

Think. Or I’ll set you on fire.

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