I’ve often written “if content is king, easy is queen” so when I caught sight of a recent post by The Social Media Hat on what it takes to blog 3 to 5 times a week, I noticed a rather conspicuously missing link.

That post does a good job of detailing the minimums for blogging regularly enough to attract a decent audience, but it was missing one key factor; easy is queen. Your content needs to make liking you easy, and that’s not something you can just summon by stringing a few words together day after day. There is an easy formula to it, however.

Quality matters. If it doesn’t help your audience get closer to your company and value what you do, no daily post will do anything to help your revenue. While I’m certainly guilty of not posting as often as I used to in my previous world-famous blogs, there’s a good reason for that.

Going Deeper Underground

I’m not looking for personal fame this time around. I say “this time around” because I’ve already achieved my dreams a few times over, and I’m not seeking fame specifically because of what occurred upon reaching my 9th cloud. So, sorry to say, but this blog may never host the same content I used to push out on a regular basis.


You see, the destruction of my portfolio is something I see as an opportunity; an opportunity to reinvent myself. So this blog as of right now does not exemplify what I’m about to say, but if you have a gander at my PR6 masterpieces of yesteryear, those do.

And what I found in being the person behind so many SMB blogs is that I really enjoy the back seat, and I do it especially well. Blog after blog achieved thousands of visitors on opening day and grew into PR5 or better audiences within 6 months – I managed to transform the business owners’ most trusted liaisons into true professional bloggers and social media mavens who had the power to turn on the revenue tap at will, and there was no greater high.

So, I no longer seek to be famous, and this blog is my attempt at being somewhat low key. That said…

Cultivating a Buy-Minded Audience

I made blogs famous by focusing on quality over quantity. Don’t get me wrong – a regular frequency (like every Monday) goes a long way toward building that foundational audience, but I’ve found a daily post frequency is usually overkill. It comes down to one simple question:

Do you want your prospects reading, or buying?

Just as I alluded to in “How Would You Like Your Blog Traffic” there’s a certain recipe to cultivating buying customers, and frequency sometimes isn’t even in that recipe, let alone the only ingredient. Neither are these next 4 tips, but they’re good enough to keep most blogs going strong for a good while.

1. Give Your Best Insights for Free

It’s a simple fact – people love people who successfully teach them something new. Not the same-old re-hashed “momma always told me” kind of advice, but the really groundbreaking stuff that shakes their world. This is what makes for a memorable exchange – and a remembered brand.

2. Brush Elbows and Keep ’em Honest

Did someone more famous than you say something that strikes you as horribly wrong, or at least lacking? Make a blog post about it. Link to them. Worst case, even if the originating source doesn’t link back, your post will show up in search results and catch some hungry eyeballs.

3. Don’t Use Trends

I wrote “How I Will Beat You to the Next Big Thing” on this very topic. You’re not going to be the next big thing by following in everyone else’s footsteps. Test your gut often, go out on that limb – and learn to trust when it’s right. Word to the wise – if your gut says to proclaim a figurehead deserves some harsh third-world punishment, it’s probably not right.

4. Use Trends – Intelligently

I’m nothing if not a complete paradox, I know – but trends are useful sometimes. How many wildly successful spinoff movie franchises can you count off in 30 seconds? Do you know Weird Al’s last name? You’re starting to sniff my glue. Piggybacking off popular notions is cheap, but reinventing them never grows old and can even be a genuine claim to fame.

What About How?

Inspiration rarely comes from the ether of vacant thought. Go read. That simple action invariably triggers a great blog post for myself. Indeed, I have too many drafts to write in a year as of this writing, just waiting for the right time and the right place.

One of these days I’ll figure out where I’m going with all my skills and start unloading them on the world. Until then, I hope you’ll Like me, comment, and subscribe 😉

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