many hands make light work

Most complex work is centered around one very time-consuming task. We guarantee that we can manage that task to such a point, it makes you 5x as productive.

Whether that means you’re taking 5x as many vacations or 5x as many clients, is up to you.

Results in as little as 30 days.

1 ~ It all starts with a free Values meeting.

Not everyone is a culture fit. Let’s make sure we are before getting any further. We only need to do this once, so if you’ve been invited to work with Tricia already – go ahead and skip this step.

Book your Values meeting.

2 ~ Next, the Initial Consultation. $100

We won’t require you to fill out a survey before we talk, but you’ll definitely get a lot more out of this if you do.

Unlike some consultants who just fly by the seat of their pants from call to call, we actually do our research and get to know you. If you prefer to do that live because it works better for you – we’re listening. Go ahead and book your Just Consultation.

After this meeting, we’ll then develop an ongoing plan based on your style and needs.

That said, you might not need an ongoing plan. You might have a straightforward (to us) situation that you educated us about in your survey, so we were able to coach you on the spot for results starting next week. If you’ve got time now to save more time later, let’s book a Deep Consultation.

3 ~ Then, we solve the problem, and stop doing this stuff with you.

That’s not language you’ll read anywhere else, because nobody else is truly solutions-oriented. Our goal is to create lasting improvements in your business that stick around long after we’re done and gone.

That said, we’re a long-sighted company who can help you scale from 6 figures through 9. We serve you at every “gap” along that road, serving you with greater capabilities for your growing needs – in this exact same “solve and gone” kind of manner.