I’ve always considered myself a morning person. I can’t recall any time in my life that I was ever grouchy in the mornings, and I strive to always have a smile on my face. I never realized how much precious time I was actually wasting away each and every day even when I felt like I was being quite productive! I spend an enormous amount of time walking to and from the coffee maker each morning, and quite frankly, all throughout the entire day. Now that I’ve read some of the cons of drinking so much coffee, and how it actually affects my productivity, I am going to try to at least cut down on my intake daily and see just how much more productive I may be without it. I found the suggested lists she recommends to be quite simple and actually very enlightening to me! I’ll definitely be putting this into my own life and will have to see just how many things i can begin accomplishing when I’m not wasting time and being more productive!